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Manufacturing and packaging of Industrial products


We could be the key partner that your company requires for the preparation, certification, implementation, and staffing in a variety of sectors, including industrial processes, cosmetics, medical supplies and dietary supplements, followed by the processes of packaging, quality control and different challenges of the industry, thus expanding the production capacity directly at the premises of our customers.

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Industrial services - Processing and Packaging Efficiently

In the industrial world, the transformation and the packing efficiently are essential. We offer a range of services that includes cutting and winding of a large roll to roll narrow, conversion of rolls of narrow rolls more widespread in a variety of materials, cut to sheets, films, and packaging and packaging of products. Our experience in systems termoencogido, flow pack, blister pack, and more ensures that your products are ready for market with a professional presentation.

Manufacturing and packaging of Industrial products

Since the year 2000, we have been offering services of assembling for industrial products, such as wipes absorbent, abrasive belts, industrial tapes, and others, in our plant located in Tenjo, Cundinamarca, within the Industrial Park Brussels.

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