Sustainable solutions with nanotechnology

In Producción y Gestión SAS, we as leaders in the formulation, manufacture, packaging and assembling of products to domestic hygiene and industrial cleaning. We differentiate ourselves from the traditional approach in cleaning products by providing sustainable solutions based on nanotechnology and natural approach, with an exceptional performance. With innovation as a goal, we provide products that not only meet the standards of cleaning, but also are friendly with the people , the environment and effective in their performance.

We have a wide range to make up toiletry products in liquid forms and semisolid. Among the products that we manufacture are highlighted soaps, detergents, fabric softeners, degreasers multi-purpose, air fresheners, disinfectants, clean glass, and many more. The flexibility and capability of our teams allow us to customize solutions according to your requirements, packaged in different volumes and presentations as they are sachets, jars, bottles, gallons, among others. reflecting, the excellence in the service and in every product that we manufacture. 

Agile and excellent quality

The high efficiency and ability of Producción y Gestión SAS is based in our state of the art equipment and experience in more than two decades in the service of assembling. 

Empresas y emprendedores en esta rama de la industria cuentan con Producción y Gestión SAS como un aliado estratégico comprometido con la calidad, la versatilidad y la innovación en productos de limpiezathat not only comply with the most stringent standards of quality. In addition, we maintain a sustainable approach in all our production process, protecting resources that compromise future generations. 

We put at your disposal people trained and committed, modern facilities, equipped with a systems-filtered air, a water treatment plant and equipment, highly productive, to meet the unique needs for the manufacture and packaging of your product, providing customers with agile processes and with excellent quality.

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At Producción y Gestión SAS, your satisfaction and the well-being of your customers are our top priorities. 

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